Avigail Talmor was born in 1971 in Haifa, Israel. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Holds a Master of Arts in European Media (EMMA Project) The faculty of Art, Media and technology, The Utrecht School of the Arts- Utrecht, Holland , MFA from Portsmouth University, Portsmouth UK (1998-1999).

Studied at The Department of Visual Communication, Wizo College of Art and Design. Designer’s diploma and a B.E.D diploma, Wizo-Canada,Haifa.

Avigail is a Senior Lecturer, Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel Aviv (2008 and on), 6B Studio of Design, Tel Aviv (2010 and on)

Artist Statment

My work is concerned with  the relations between the institutionalized and private, personal and public spaces. I’m observing the non places that exist in between familiar architectural surroundings, trying to figure out whether they are opposing themselves over those who are using them or able to contain them, Can I find serenity in those environments or only Social Alienation. This contradiction between secured and threatening  feeling in our close environments  is motivated by my desire for values of beauty and aesthetics.

Residency Programs

2013, Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China.

2013, Residency Unlimited, artist program, New York.

Group Exhibitions

2013- Feng Lin Shui, Da Wang Culture highland Gallery, Shenzhen, China

2013- A space from without, Secret Manhattan Apartment, NYC

2013- The risks of being too bright-sided about gift giving – Residancy Unlimited, NY

2013 – Tracing The Fish Bladder– Radiator Gallery, NYC

2012 – The London Art fair- London UK

2010 – Fresh Paint Contemporary Art fair– Tel Aviv Israel

2008 – Urban Insperation– S.Biran & CoTel Aviv Israel

2007 – Haifa City Musem– Haifa in the Eye of  the Camera.