Limbus, 2013

Video Installation, Duration 1:09

Avigail Talmor examines the role of the “non-place” or transitional state as embodied in the form of architectural forms, and how they shape our behavior into non-social ways. Expanding on her interests in the relationship between institutionalized space and private space as previously explored in typological paintings, Talmor has created the non-narrative video Limbus. Referring to the boundary or the “edge” of Hell, Limbus is a temporary state for those whom, in spite of the personal sins they may have committed, died in the friendship of God and yet cannot enter Heaven nor Hell. Limbus features an existing “non-place, ” a timeless, mechanical organism striped of identifying features and function. The repetitive opening and closing of the elevator doors are synchronized with the sound of breathing, potentially anxiety-inducing, Limbus reveals the power of a non-place in eliciting response and altering behavior.

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